Working out in water is a fantastic way to exercise. Apart from challenging the most fit, working out in water provides the perfect medium for rehabilitation and/or injury prevention. Should you have problems with carrying out exercise on land due to injury, pressure in the joints, swelling, water retention, pregnancy, arthritis, MS, lower back problems, to name but a few, Aqua is the perfect way to re-introduce exercise.

Exercise in the water is not just high energy, it can also be very calming using the influences of Yoga and/or Pilates. Below are two totally different types of class using the same medium - water.


Suitable for all levels, abilities and conditions, as it is easily tailored to individual needs. With simple and precise exercises, strength can be gradually built bringing stability. This is why it is perfect of rehabilitation. Hydrostatic pressure provides support helping to drain away water retention through increased blood and lymphatic circulation. A fun, enjoyable and motivational class.

Suitable for all levels, abilities and conditions, as it is easily tailored to participants needs. This class gives individuals who otherwise feel they would not be able to participate in land based classes, the opportunity to practice or take up yoga . As with all SunPowerYoga classes, there are breathing exercises (pranayama), centreing exercises, an adapted sun salutation for mobility and strength and standing postures. The use of a woggle allows for buoyancy and gives gentle resistance. This class induces balance, calm and mindfulness.